Research Documenting the Health and Lifestyle Impacts of Meditterranean-Style Eating

Mediterranean Harvest For Life Research Summary

This succinct MHFL research presentation provides a compelling summary of the tremendous health and societal impacts associated with Mediterranean-style eating, as determined by longitudinal study after study. This includes the dietary regimen's proven ability to positively affect weight loss, longevity, Alzheimer's Disease, birth defects, blood pressure, brain health, cancers, clogged arteries, COPD, diabetes, heart health, Parkinson's Disease, strokes and more from an improved health and lifestyle perspective. It also covers additional societal impacts, including methane reduction and reduction in food pantry cost and dependency for the poor. Little wonder 11 top physicians have appealed to Great Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, to bring Mediterranean-style of eating to the forefront of the country's healthcare policy.

Mediterranean Harvest For Life Research Assessment

Click this link  (MHFL Research) to access this summary of longitudinal study after study that attests to the tremendous healthcare and lifestyle impacts associated with a Mediterranean-style dietary regimen. MHFL compiled this comprehensive array of critical insights regarding Mediterranean-style eating's impact to document its potential role in delivering "evidence-based nutrition in healthcare."